Developing Transitions

See case studies of a home visit and a child entering EYFS Two early years practitioners make a visit to a three year old with her mother. One of the practitioners talks to the mother about her daughter whilst the other plays with the child. We see and hear what happens. Senior practitioner Claire then reviews what we saw: why they ask the questions they ask, how they use the knowledge they get about the child’s interests to plan, and what to look out for on a visit that could indicate special needs.

At a PVI with rooms from 12 weeks to 5 years, transition is part of the everyday. We follow a day including dropping a baby off in the morning, a baby visiting the 1 to 2 room getting ready to move on, practising risk-taking to aid transition, talking to schools and handing back at home time. Practitioners review what we saw and how it forms a transition policy.

A childminder explains how she makes the bridge between home and nursery for children that have several transitions in a day.

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