Designing APP Assessment for English

Developing and managing APP evidence in AF5 reading Lancashire is at the forefront of introducing APP. One of the more challenging areas has been designing tasks to yield evidence for the reading AFs and we see English Consultant Deborah Murray supporting Mount Carmel School, Accrington.

Deborah helps beginning teacher Gemma Hafeldon design a series of four lessons on AF5, How Language Works, using Richard III’s opening soliloquy as content. We see the third Year 9 lesson where Gemma has designed a task at word and sentence level, with the students working with the level descriptors. Assistant Curriculum Leader David Seddon mentors Gemma and supports groups. The students peer-assess identifying how each other’s work could have achieved higher levels.

The fourth lesson sees Gemma recording feedback from one group and managing this within a whole class. Deborah reflects how successful APP allows a rounded picture to be built of each child’s achievements.

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