Dealing with Malicious Allegations

Learn how to address accusations with this real-life case study The nightmare of being the subject of a malicious allegation leading to long term suspension is dramatised with a panel of experts offering helpful advice if this should ever happen to you.

What would you do and how would you cope if you had to face an allegation of wrongdoing from a student, followed by long term suspension? This programme dramatises the real experiences of one teacher who was accused of bruising a Year 10 boy after breaking up a fight. The teacher is sent home and his colleagues told not to contact him leaving him depressed and isolated for five months before being exonerated. As the story unfolds, a panel of experts provides guidance on how the school should have acted and how the teacher should have been helped through the ordeal. Two myths are exploded during their discussions: suspension is not always a necessity and purdah is not a requirement. The experts also emphasise the importance of getting emotional and practical support.

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