Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

Expert advice for teachers on how to deal with a disruptive class Difficult behaviour is one of the biggest problems faced by teachers and one of the greatest causes of stress – but how would you cope with constant disruption as seen in the dramatised real story featured in this programme? Based on the real testimony of a science teacher who arrives at a new school full of high expectation and enthusiasm only to be confronted by unrelenting disruption and even destruction. The teacher’s experiences are analysed by our expert panel as he attempts to end the chaos and instil discipline. They comment on what actions should be taken and what strategies could be adopted by all teachers desperate to restore order and authority. In this case, did the teacher go wrong by trying too hard to be liked? Was he right to try talking to pupils individually? The panellists, including a counselling psychologist, also advise on how to deal with the pressure of the situation and feelings of being a failure, as well as where to find support.

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