Cultural Perspectives (Amita Gupta)

Educators discuss cultural perspectives in relation to EYFS Shot at the European Early Childhood Research Association Conference, EECERA 2010, we feature Dr Amita Gupta, associate professor, City College, New York and Ranjit Singh, Head of Education, Soho Road Gurdwara, Birmingham.

Amita explains that UK practitioners are encouraged to think that the knowledge-based approach must underpin EYFS practice, her view post some global research is that wellbeing must be the priority. Ranjit explores how wellbeing is at the centre of his Birmingham nursery which uses the love of an extended family as the basis for its ethos, taking a lead from the Eastern cultural roots of Sikhism.

Amita has found that measuring outcomes and assessment systems currently drive the ethos of many settings, but that the non-tangible outcomes of wellbeing that could be attained through EYFS principles make more sense to concentrate on.

Amita hopes that settings might learn from eastern culture and look towards inner happiness and wellbeing as goals.

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