Cuba – Performing Arts

Explore the importance of performing and visual arts in Cuba In Cuba the high value placed on the teaching of the performing and visual arts is a legacy of the 1959 revolution, which had education at its heart. Today, the Cuban government’s ongoing commitment to arts education means that it is constantly looking for new and better ways to deliver it. This includes training young ‘art instructors’ from the age of 14 to teach music, dance, drama and the visual arts in primary and secondary schools across the country.

Cubans believe that school should be the cultural centre of the community – a place where young people can learn about their cultural heritage, and develop the skills to express themselves creatively. In this film we explore how this is put into practice in three representative schools: a primary school, a secondary school, and a school for young art instructors. We also learn about the sophisticated support provided by televised classes (‘teleclases’) on Cuba’s educational channel.

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