Cricket Match

Ten maths sequences filmed during a cricket match The programme comprises ten short sequences shot during a Saturday cricket match, each with a different aspect of mathematics for pupils to explore, investigate and discuss.

Cricket is a game heavily dependent on maths. How fast is that ball? Which team is doing better? And why are cricket pitches often ‘oval’? The mathematical content of the programme is intentionally understated, although the material rewards repeated viewing and provides a rich source of mathematical imagery. Each sequence poses a question intended to stimulate mathematical discussion rather than to elicit a correct answer to a computation. The programme is intended to be used in sections, with students or teachers stopping and replaying the video to analyse the information. It can be shown to students on a whiteboard where the pictures can be annotated, or worked on by students individually or in groups on PCs or laptops. The items are best used in programme order as some rely on information given previously.

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