CPD Leadership – Leighton Primary School

How a primary headteacher has improved CPD practices A look at the CPD practices put in place by the leadership team at Leighton Primary School, Cheshire during the 2007/08 school year.

Turning his back on the cascade method, headteacher Glynn Turner has taken an in-house consultancy approach to CPD, believing that successful CPD should be continually reflective and reciprocal. In 2007 he appointed a CPD leader within the school to implement and monitor staff CPD. For two and a half days each he has also appointed an artist in residence, who works creatively alongside his KS2 teachers, and a speech therapist to train the TAs during school time to improve their capacity to develop speaking and listening. The school’s networking approach has been invaluable in the dissemination of good practice and training between Leighton Primary and other schools in the area.

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