CPD Leaders – Leading School-based CPD

CPD coaches support and encourage their colleagues Dovetailing individual CPD needs with overall school improvement can be difficult; focusing CPD on the school is an answer. CPD Leader Cynthia Francis does a sensitive but strategic job at Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College for Girls, commented on by Vivienne Porritt of the Institute of Education.

Marie Nassor was based at school for her MA on teaching and learning; we see two students she’s trained to observe lessons, with NQT Navpreet Gallimore. Karen Powell’s school-based MA researches her own impact on student performance as a non-teaching Head of Year; Cynthia supports her as coach, not just administrator. Head of Sixth Form Rob Bradley is on ‘Leadership Pathways’, but also benefits from Cynthia’s expert coaching.

Staff are in mixed ‘co-coaching’ teams, too. Cynthia herself is in a team with NQT Hannah Smith and TA Anne Savage, who are being encouraged to actively critique lessons so that other staff can gain from the insights only TAs have.

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