CPD Leaders in Primary Schools – Prospect Vale Primary School

Appraisal management system provides support for all school staff Prospect Vale Primary School, in Stockport LA, operates an appraisal management scheme which provides support and guidance not only for teachers but for all the staff in the school. Headteacher Joe Lawless says, ‘Because CPD is linked to our support and development plan, all the staff here feel valued, including all the support staff’. The school uses a cascade approach to any new initiative, which sees training given to senior management who in turn pass knowledge on to subject leaders, teaching staff and support staff. This in-house training is extended to include governors, parents and carers. Parents need to know how to support their child in the home, so the school have introduced Family Learning projects in which parents are offered training in what is being covered in school in maths and English. This is particularly beneficial to the high percentage of ethnic-minority pupils at the school, especially those with EAL parents.

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