Computer Games in the Classroom

How using computer games can inspire Year 3 and Year 6 pupils Neil Webster, a year 3 teacher at St Christopher?s Catholic Primary School in Liverpool sets out to discover if the use of computer games in class can enhance teaching and learning. He meets Dawn Hallybone, a year 6 teacher at Oakdale Junior School in Woodford, East London, who is already using computer games in class to great effect. Neil observes Dawn?s pupils using a mental Maths game on their Nintendo DS consoles and then using a detective story game called ?Professor Layton and the Curios Village? in a literacy class. ?It?s learning through play? says Dawn.
Back at his own school, Neil delivers a maths class featuring a computer game called Tutpup which he uses first as a whiteboard starter. He tries out a free online game called Moshi Monsters to help expand pupils? vocabulary in a literacy class . Neil recognises the benefits his pupils derive from games-based learning and is particularly pleased with the way the boys in his class have engaged with it.

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