Collaborative Purchasing

How collaborative purchasing can help schools save money Business manager Sue Simkiss from Queen Mary’s School, Walsall, visits Haydonleigh Primary School in Swindon where bursar Sue Heath uses collaborative purchasing opportunities to make her budget stretch a little further. She’s introduced to Julie Collins from the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation, one of a number of local authority owned purchasing organisations that provide great savings for schools on a vast range of products.

Bursar Sue Heath also introduces Sue Simkiss to a collaborative purchasing online platform, which allows schools to post requests that suppliers can then pitch for. Sue Heath has also bought a number of items through their ‘Storm’ purchasing events, where schools club together to purchase a high volume of a single item, achieving substantial savings.

Sue Simkiss has brought a shopping list with her to Haydonleigh, and using a combination of local authority buying organisations, and the online purchasing platform, we see how much money Sue can save.

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