Collaboration, Professionalism and Accountability

Uncovering and learning from the roots behind Alberta’s success Alberta in Canada has the highest performing schools in the English speaking world. In this film we explore the roots of the region?s success – accountability, curriculum and teacher professionalism.

The programme reveals the remarkable standards of professionalism expected for Alberta’s teachers, and the constant pressure to be the best, for the teachers as well as the students.

We also look at the strict systems of accountability, and the openness with which the local school board reveals results, warts and all, to the media. We also look at the rigorous preparation and planning that goes into the curriculum,

The programme talks to Angus Macbeath, a recent public schools administrator, who has some stark advice for the UK. He tells the programme ?You have to have a brutal honesty around how badly you?re doing. The only way you can change Britain is to start embarrassing people with the ugly truth. The ugly truth is the poorest are getting screwed.?

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