Chasing the Wind

Dr Maggie Aderin’s wind pattern study to examine climate change Our climate is changing. Is it our fault? And what can we do about it? These are questions that are difficult to answer – but answer them we must. And the way to do that is through science. Dr. Maggie Aderin is one of the scientists committed to studying climate change. She leads a team that’s building an instrument to be launched into space on the Aeolus satellite, to read wind patterns as it orbits the Earth.

Maggie began her scientific career as an astronomer. It was only after working on such diverse projects as airborne missile warning systems, radar-based landmine detectors and instrument building for a telescope in Chile, that she was in a position to lead this prestigious project. Measuring wind patterns is only one part of the scientific effort to understand our planet’s climate. When Maggie’s instrument has done its work, it will just be part of a much bigger picture. In the meantime Maggie is convinced that we all need to do our bit to reduce our impact on the planet.

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