Catriona’s Big Day Out

A ten year-old learns how to budget for a family day out A programme for use in the classroom with pupils.

Follow Catriona on her financial journey as she saves up and budgets for a day out for her parents and best friend. She starts by doing jobs around the house and for her Mum in her gift shop. In return she receives pocket money which she puts into her Building Society account. Catriona learns about the benefits of saving as she sees the interest add up. Once Catriona has worked how much she has to spend she can set about planning the day out. With the help of her friend Kiran, Catriona researches the options and prices up potential trips. They soon learn how quickly money disappears when they factor in the costs of transport, refreshments and incidentals. On the day of the trip they continue to make decisions about methods of payments and manage to make their money go further by selecting a cheaper option for the train journey.

Watch this programme to see if they are able to enjoy their day out to the full.

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