Secondary Whole School Teaching Astronomy and Space Videos

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Our Universe and the Big Bang – Classroom Demonstration – Redshift

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Practical demonstration of light waves travelling to Earth

Our Universe and the Big Bang

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Astronomers on the universe and the Big Bang for KS3/4 pupils How Big is the Universe?: it is impossible for the human mind to grasp just how big the universe is, but astronomer Pete Edwards gives it his best shot. A...

Models of the Solar System – Earth, Sun and Moon

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Discover the science of our solar system in a video for KS3/4 On location on top of a volcano in the Canary Islands, Dr Simon Foster visits state of the art telescopes to see how astronomers are pushing back the boun...

The Solar System – Planets, Asteroids and Comets

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The wonders of Saturn, asteroids and comets are examined Saturn and the Scale of the Solar System: planetary scientist Sheila Kanani shows us the stunning images of Saturn and its moons taken from the Cassini spacecr...

The Sun and Stars

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An exploration of the sun and the life cycle of stars The Sun: solar physicist Lucie Green reveals her life long fascination with our nearest star, and explains how space telescopes are allowing us to see it in great...