Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

An innovative approach to the traditional model of form tutoring Priory Community School in Weston-super-Mare employs an innovative approach to the traditional horizontal model of form tutoring, using both teachers and non-teachers as form tutors. We see the different ways that non-teacher Chantelle Ford and teacher James Stanley approach their roles as form tutors.

Secondary Support Staff – Secondary Support Staff 1

A team deal with problems that threaten to disrupt the school day A look at the vital role that the support staff in a large multi-ethnic all girls secondary school in Birmingham perform.

Swanshurst School lies close to Edgbaston Cricket Club and currently has 1800 pupils.
This programme adopts a fly on the wall style to explore what it takes to keep a school like Swanshurst going.

Follow the team of sixty five support staff team during a typical day where they deal with a broken boiler that threatens to close the school, noisy disruptive renovation work, a careers convention, census checking and budget juggling.

Swanshurst has an annual budget of seven and a half million pounds and this lively programme shows how the support team help to manage that money and ease the load on the teachers.

Secondary Support Staff – Raising Attainment

A range of initiatives that have improved GCSE grades This programme follows the work of support staff and teachers dedicated to raising attainment at David Lister School in Hull. Former head of year, John Munson was appointed as strand coordinator for attainment during a radical shake-up of the school’s management system. His task now is to make sure every one of the 1300 pupils reaches their personal targets. To do this the school utilises an extensive database which tracks the progress of each child in every lesson. If any pupil starts to fall below their targets, John can identify them straight away and put in place an action plan. He does this with the help of colleagues such as subject teachers, learning mentors and teaching assistants. Together they offer a range of options including booster classes, revision sessions, one on one tuition, and even alternatives to regular exams. The initiatives have proved to be a great success, resulting in a doubling of GCSE A-C grades from 24% to 50% in 2005.

Secondary Support Staff – A Day in the Life of a Business Manager

The day-to-day role of business manager Kerry Brimshaw Many schools are either employing or looking to employ a Business Manager to look after the business side of running a school.

In this programme we follow Kerry Brimfield, Business Manager at the High School for Girls in Gloucester as she goes about her day’s work. It’s not just the financial side of the school’s affairs that Kerry deals with; she is also involved in the management of the facilities, the instigation of in-house catering provision, as well as helping the Business Enterprise Group students develop their business acumen though their Business Enterprise Group and coming up with a rather innovative solution to the problem of the school cleaners.

Secondary Supply Teachers – A Day in the Life

A supply teacher takes a day’s placement in a challenging school A ‘masterclass’ in being a good supply teacher.

Emma Clamp is a qualified maths teacher but for two years she has opted to work as a supply teacher.

This programme follows her on a day’s placement at Lister Community School in east London. She’s been asked to work in the humanities department.

Andy Krokou, the School Manager, is looking for someone with quiet authority who will engage with the pupils so that some learning will have happened by the end of the lesson. Andy is well prepared and gives Emma her timetable, a photo sheet of the pupils and a plan of the school.

Emma’s day starts well, teaching maths with specific work left for the students. A later science lesson on forces is more tricky and she talks about the range of techniques and skills she uses to get the best out of each lesson.

Her last lesson of the day is the most testing. She gives out 6 report cards but still manages some quality teaching. Andy invites her back.

A Day in the Life of a Form Tutor

A day in the life of a form tutor at a school using vertical tutoring The John Cabot Academy in Bristol has adopted an innovative approach to form tutoring and has implemented vertical tutoring with a view to introducing vertical learning groups in the future. Emily Grainger has a busy day as a form tutor!