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Calm Exterior, Stressed Interior

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Gladeana McMahon offers useful advice on work/life balance Martin Forryan calls in Teachers TV life coach Gladeana McMahon because he has suffered from work/life balance problems throughout his career. This has not c...

I’m a Full-Time Part-Timer

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A part-time teacher finds she is working full time hours Gladeana McMahon, Teachers TV's life coach, has a real challenge on her hands when she comes to the aid of Nicola McGee, who spends 45 hours a week on her thre...

New Job, New Baby, New Pressure

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Dealing with the pressures of a new job and fatherhood Teachers TV's life coach Gladeana McMahon is called upon to help a thirty-something new to teaching, marriage and fatherhood! Robin Bishop has only been teachin...

I’ve Been a Head for Five Years- What’s Next?

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A headteacher aims to relieve some job-related stress Gladeana McMahon, Teachers TV's life coach, meets up with a headteacher asking for her help. Steve Boyce has been the head at Fosse Primary School in Leicester fo...

I Want to be a Better Leader

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Top tips on prioritising tasks and improving leadership skills Brendon Coyle has been assistant head at St Joseph's RC High School in Heywood for the past two years. He loves his job but isn't convinced that he uses ...

No Time to Play My Viola

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Time management advice from life coach Gladeana McMahon Gladeana McMahon, one of the country's top life coaches, offers time management advice to one of our viewers. Emma Thomas has worked at Stratton Upper School in...

My Singing and Dancing Time Gets Squeezed Out

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Balancing the demands of teaching with the desire to get a life Fiona-Jane Lambe is a natural performer. In her previous life, as well as running a small business teaching children dance and drama, she wrote and per...

A Challenging Career Change

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Helpful tips on adapting to life as a teacher 'Dealing with drug smugglers and bootleggers was much easier than coping with a Year 8 class.' So says Stuart Reilly, former customs officer and now a teacher on a Gradu...

No Time to Spend with My Partner

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Gladeana McMahon provides more tips on time management By her own admission, Katie Lydiatt is a perfectionist, which doesn't help when as well as being a Fast Track NQT she wants to spend more quality time with her p...

I Don’t Want to Work Through Breaks

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Gladeana McMahon provides tips for effective time management When you have five children aged between one and 14 it is really important to keep the work/life balance in check. Unfortunately Tony Curtis can't say no t...

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