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Straight-line Graphs

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Practical, fun idea for teaching straight-line graphs at KS3 Maths teacher Kathryn Hurrell sets up this kinaesthetic activity to help her lower ability year 9 pupils understand straight-line graphs. She gives groups...

Secondary Maths – Collaborative Memory

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Using memory to explore equations in a fun KS3 lesson Maths teacher Susanne Mallett shows a simple ?memory? game she uses to get her year 8 pupils to work together to explore mathematical equations. Pupils from each...

Inspirational Speeches

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Year 7 English students construct inspirational speeches Using key words and clauses from historical and contemporary speeches, English teacher, Karen McWilliam from Dane Court Grammar School, discusses themes and mo...

Team-Teaching Shakespeare

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Two Year 9 classes join together to learn about Shakespeare English teacher, Karen McWilliam, and lead teacher in English Carol Weale, have joined their Year 9 classes together to provide some fresh ideas about teach...

How Many Peas Fill the Classroom?

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Making measuring, estimating and calculation fun for KS3

Fibonacci Numbers

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A fun Year 7 Fibonacci numbers maths lesson, involving group work Maths teacher Asnat Doza explains how her year 7 class works through a series of envelopes, each containing a prepared activity about Fibonacci number...

Accuracy of Measurements

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An imaginative way of thinking about the accuracy of measurements Maths teacher Mark Dawes gets his year 8 students to choose some non-standard units to measure things in and around their classroom. After measuring ...

GCSE English – Building Confidence in Extended Writing

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Teaching extended writing to KS4 English students This lesson, created by Natasha Nicol, Head of English at Peacehaven Community College, helps students build their confidence in writing an extended piece of work. I...

GCSE English – Poetry Visualisation

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A KS4 English class learn different ways to analyse poetry This lesson, created by Rosie Pannett, Lead Practitioner in English at Peacehaven Community College, helps students realise there are many different ways to ...

GCSE English – My Last Duchess

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Teaching My Last Duchess to GCSE English students This lesson, created by Caroline Mortlock at Bexhill High School, helps students connect with Robert Browning?s poem, My Last Duchess. Caroline realised the language ...

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