KS3/4 PSHE – Tackling Drugs

Giving young people the knowledge to help them stay safe Discover how to give young people the knowledge and skills to enable them to stay safe in a drug-using world.

This programme focuses on Sally George, head of PSHE at Shoeburyness High School in Essex, as she takes a Year 8 drug awareness class. Sally has devised a range of resources for her 100-minute lessons to engage students of all abilities.

She starts with some knowledge-based activities: a true/false quiz, a sorting game and a circle-time debate. But in lessons like these, difficult questions crop up. Discover how Sally deals with these complex issues.

This programme follows the lesson from start to finish and shows how activities work, how discussions develop and how students can be guided to develop knowledge and skills to keep them safe. It provides clear examples and ideas for activities.

It also deals with how to cope with difficult questions, setting clear ground rules and organising a range of activities to suit and motivate all pupils.

KS3 PSHE – 24-Hour Pupil Food Diaries

Two Year 7 pupils keep a video diary to discover more about diet Megan has a fairly balanced diet. Ryan does not. Food Technology teacher Joanna Postlethwaite sets them both a task: to keep a food video diary for 24 hours. They record their eating habits, at school and at home, with interesting results. Jo uses the diaries to explore with Megan’s and Ryan’s Year 7 classmates what teenagers need to eat to maintain a healthy diet.

KS3 PSHE – 7-Day Pupil Food Diaries

Year 7 pupils consider different ways of eating fruit and veg Megan and Ryan have been set a challenge by their Year 7 class: to keep a food diary for seven days, and to try to eat five pieces of fruit and vegetable every day. How did they get on? In this programme we see the results of their endeavours. The class is shown Megan’s and Ryan’s food diaries. Teacher Joanna Postlethwaite encourages the children to think about different ways of eating their five pieces of fruit and vegetable. Armed with vegetables, fruit and blenders, the class makes and tastes a range of healthy smoothies.

KS3 PSHE for Pupils – In And Out Of Trouble

Three teenagers talk frankly about the problems they’ve overcome Three short films in which teenagers talk frankly about being in trouble. Their stories are illustrated with reconstructions.

John used to mug children for their mobile phones. He has been inside a secure unit and a Young Offenders Institution. Now he has re-thought his life and attends a special centre which helps people like him to stay out of trouble.

Laura was a junkie at the age of 14. She started with one tab of ecstasy and quickly got hooked. When her addiction was at its worst, she was taking five tabs at a time to feel any effect. Then one day she realised that she needed help and told her mum. Together, she and her mum beat her habit. She doesn’t want anyone to go through what she went through.

Nathan truanted from school the first time because he hated maths. He got away with it and soon truanted regularly. When he realised that ‘the geeks’ would be the ones with jobs he soon found a way to catch up on his education.