Secondary Subject History Videos

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KS4 History – The Legacy of Coal

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New techniques to involve pupils in their history learning Out on the streets, interviewing ex-miners and visiting local resources are all part of history lessons for a group of Year 10s in Nottingham. History teach...

KS4 History – Assessment for Learning

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Mike Endy assesses a Year 10 history project with his pupils At Holgate School outside Nottingham, Mike Endy's Year 10 history class has recently finished a local history unit on the impact of coal mining in the 19th...

KS4 History – Testing Hypotheses

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One teacher engages his mixed-ability class using source material Discover how students of all abilities can engage with higher order historical concepts. Jonathan Howson's mixed ability class are asked to test a hyp...

KS4 History – Expert Analysis

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History education experts analyse a lesson on testing hypotheses Renowned history experts Christine Counsell, Ros Ashby, Tristram Hunt, Ben Walsh and Jonathan Howson discuss the issues of teaching history raised in a...

KS3/4 History – Integrating Black History

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Advice on incorporating black history into the curriculum The difficulties of teaching 'Black British History' and some of the preconceptions surrounding it are tackled head-on in a lesson on 'Queen Elizabeth and the...

KS3/4 History – Black History Workshop

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Incorporating black history in the curriculum This hands-on and practical workshop offers a number of active-learning techniques designed to help you teach 'Black British History'. Dan Lyndon, a secondary History tea...

KS3 History – The History Class 4 – Assessment

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We take an in-depth look at a workshop for assessment One teacher, one class, one term. For 3 months we've had unique access to follow Reuben Moore - History teacher - as he teaches his year 7 class across the whole ...

KS3 History – McCarthy Trials

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A focus on archive footage from the McCarthy Trials in 1950s USA The McCarthy Trials were a controversial time in US history. This programme, presented by historian and teacher Ben Walsh, uses footage from the North ...

KS3 History – The Jazz Age

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A focus on America's history through archive footage Archive film based programme about America from the Treaty of Versailles to the Wall Street Crash. Teacher and historian Ben Walsh presents this revealing insight...

KS3 History – Walter Tull – the Pupils’ Perspective

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Following Fahed and Javaad on their study of pioneer Walter Tull Fahed and Javaad are friends and partners in their Year 9 history class with Dan Lyndon. We follow their learning journey as they study the black footb...

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