Secondary Subject Design and Technology Videos

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KS3/4 Design and Technology – New Technology: The Issues

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A discussion about the effectiveness of using handheld technology Following a two day trial of interactive software and handheld computers at Community School in Cornwall, Professor Richard Kimb...

KS3/4 Design and Technology – Competitive Coursework

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Competitive coursework in action in design and technology Design and Technology teacher Gavin Bowyer is harnessing the natural desire of pupils to compete with one another into a system which provides real motivation...

KS3/4 Design and Technology – Establishing CAD/CAM

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A look at effective teaching of CAD/CAM in D&T This programme aims to help remove some of the barriers to effective teaching of CADCAM. The subject is of growing importance as the British textile industry stages ...

KS3/4 Design & Technology – Managing GCSE Coursework 1

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Two different approaches to design coursework at GCSE In design and technology, GCSE coursework presents a major challenge. In this programme, two teachers show the different ways they encourage pupils to take more i...

KS3/4 Design & Technology – Managing GCSE Coursework 2

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Two teachers discuss the best ways to approach coursework In a second programme on ways to help design and technology pupils take a less formulaic approach to GCSE coursework, the two teachers shown in the first prog...

KS3/4 Design & Technology – Designing for CAD/CAM 1

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Incorporating traditional design skills in CAD/CAM For D&T trouble-shooter Steve Stott the CAD/CAM revolution is fraught with dangers. Though it has revolutionised classroom teaching, traditional designing often...

KS3/4 Design and Technology – Designing for CAD/CAM 2

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A challenging Year 9 class tries some new ideas for CAD/CAM D&T trouble-shooter Steve Stott has devised some innovative ideas to help students design for CAD/CAM. He wants to get back to pencil and paper, and mo...

KS3/4 Design and Technology – Sustainability: Leading the Way

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A Head of D&T talks about his projects supporting sustainability Our current pupils are the designers of the future whose work will have a significant impact on the environment we live in. Good Design & T...

KS3/4 Design and Technology – Sustainability: Making a Start

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Designer Kursty Groves introduces sustainable issues in a school Most Design and Technology teachers are aware that environmental issues have never been more important, and that Education for Sustainable Development...

KS3/4 Design and Technology – The Future’s Handheld

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Pupils try out specially adapted PDA software to enhance learning Filmed at Community School near Plymouth, the programme follows a cutting-edge trial of interactive handheld computers speci...

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