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A Personalised Curriculum

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An insight into a 21st century personalised curriculum Waingels College in Reading wanted to get away from a 'one-size fits all' curriculum and to develop a fluid, open and personalised approach to learning. So says ...

Making Connections

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How a school in Derbyshire is using an integrated KS3 Curriculum This programme looks at how a revolutionary approach to teaching and learning is being implemented at a school in Derbyshire as part of the new approac...

Skills Based Learning

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A look at how KS3 curriculum changes are performing in practice This programme looks at how some of the new thinking involved in the wholesale reforms of the Key Stage 3 curriculum are working in practice on the grou...

A Community Curriculum

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A school in Blackpool responds to local educational needs This programme analyses how one school has reacted to the specific and challenging circumstances around it locally to design a curriculum which can respond be...

Managing the Change

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How the new KS3 curriulum is affecting leaders and teachers Across the country, dozens of schools have been experimenting with radically different ways of delivering the Key Stage 3 curriculum. There's widespread ack...

New Cross-Curriculum Projects

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An innovative school engage in cross-curricular projects at KS3 St John's School and Community College in Marlborough has been revolutionising its KS3 curriculum since 2001. From the early days of piloting the RSA's ...

A Flexible Timetable

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Explore an innovative approach to the KS3 curriculum Year 7s at Whitley Abbey Business and Enterprise College in Coventry spend the whole morning with one teacher, and their science teacher may well also teach them h...

A Cross-Curriculum Approach

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Raising attainment with an innovative cross-curricular approach 'Thinking Smart' is a new approach to the Key Stage 3 curriculum, based on the RSA's 'Opening Minds' programme, developed at Hinchley Wood School, Surre...

KS3 Cross Curricular – Space and Rocket Week

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Year 8 embark on an experimental cross-curricular rocket project Eleanor Wilkinson, a maths teacher from Sussex, has a big idea for a cross-curricular space and rocket week. Last year she spent ten days at the Teache...

KS3 Cross Curriculum – Fashion

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Year 7 Students take part in a cross-curriculum fashion project Fashion offers a wealth of cross-curricular opportunities. We follow Year 7 at St. Paul's Catholic College as they embark on a lively, colourful and in...

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