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Tomorrow’s Teacher, Tomorrow’s School

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How personalised-learning technology could transform education Explore the innovations and trends that could bring about the biggest transformation in teaching since the beginnings of mass education. New technologies...

Does Class Size Matter?

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Discover innovative approaches and hear academic perspectives The latest thinking on the burning issue of class sizes: Is smaller better? This programme aims to pull together the very latest thinking on class sizes. ...

Soham – The Head’s Story

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Exclusive interview with former Soham primary head Geoff Fisher In the summer of 2002 Geoff Fisher, head teacher of St. Andrew's CofE Primary School, became a key spokesman for the village of Soham, as it came to ter...


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A look at this ongoing problem - and solutions - for schools On average 20 schools a week suffer an arson attack. Many Secondary and Primary schools are underestimating the danger they are facing from young fireset...

Looked-After Children

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Insights into LAC in schools and how to improve their education Why aren't looked after children as successful as other children in education? Just what is it like to be a looked after child in school? In this progr...

Exam Cheating

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Explore why cheating has increased in primary and secondary For as long as there have been exams, competitions, indeed any sort of testing, there has been cheating within our schools. It may be on a small scale, cons...

Black Boys

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Three schools' responses to the issues facing black students Statistics confirm that boys from African Caribbean heritage start school at average academic levels but begin to fall behind from Year 2. The gap widens t...

Teenage Sexual Health

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Good practice and discussion on KS3 /KS4 sex and health education In this programme, we look at the alarming numbers of young people with poor sexual health, and examine what more could be done to educate teenagers a...


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Explore the issue of selection within primary and secondary Recent political developments have pushed selection to the forefront of the education debate. In this programme, we investigate what kind of selection is ta...

Early Sex Education

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Three schools' approaches to sex education for nursery and KS1/2 Some experts claim that children should learn about sexual differences and appropriate behaviour from as young as nursery age. Many schools are resisti...

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