Primary Whole School Lesson Starters Videos

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Primary French: Papyon Volé une Chanson du Carnaval

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Teach KS2 French through the experience of a Martinique carnival It's carnival time in Martinique! Sing along with Maya and her friends as they perform 'Papyon Volé', a traditional Creole carnival song. The words ar...

Primary French – Le Chemin de L’ecole

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Follow Matis as he walks to school in Martinique, for KS2 French Mathis and his friend Jeremie live in Fort de France, Martinique. Every day they walk to school - and this is the route that they take. Narrated by M...

KS2 French РUne Chasse au Tr̩sor

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Make KS2 French learning fun with a treasure hunt in Martinique Mathis and friends are taking part in a treasure hunt. This film follows the children as they travel around the school searching for five clues, the las...

KS2 French – Voici ma ville

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Help KS2 French pupils explore the historic capital of Martinique 11-year-old Reika and friends take us on a tour of historic Fort de France, and talk about the features that they like most. As part of the tour, we v...

KS2 French -Matis et son grandpère

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For KS2 French, Martinique boy asks grandfather about his past 8-year-old Mathis interviews his grandfather about life when he was a young boy growing up in Fort de France, Martinique. The topics of conversation incl...

KS2 French – Qu’est-ce que tu préfères?

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For KS2 French, Martinique pupils discuss food, sport and music In this clip, Antoine, Logan, Meddy, Arnaud, Mathis and Jeremie share their likes and dislikes on a range of topics such as food, the weather, sport and...

KS2 Science – Making Shadows

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KS2 science ideas using shadowgraph theatre to explain light A little shadowgraph theatre provides a good way to show how shadows are formed by blocking a light source. The light source in this instance is a simple a...

How We See Light

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A KS2 science idea, linking vision with light entering the eye In this mini-documentary we meet Alex and his guide dog Leo. Alex is virtually blind. It is a congenital condition and means that any light that does ent...

KS2 Science – Pushing and Pulling

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Show Year 2 science pupils forces at work through canoeing A canoeing expedition provides a helpful way to demonstrate pulling and pushing actions; pulling on wetsuits, pushing on helmets, pulling the canoe out of a ...

KS1 Science -Stopping Moving Objects

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A demolition ball shows the force of moving objects: KS1 science This Lesson Starter begins with some archive film in black and white of a demolition ball demolishing houses. After a while we cut to the 'professor'. ...

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