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KS3/4 Global Citizenship – Humanitarian Education for Citizenship

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Year 8 students work with the Red Cross to mentor primary pupils Operation Amphibian is a simulation activity designed to show young children how the Red Cross deals with emergencies. In the simulation primary school...

KS3/4 Citizenship – Rights and Responsibilities

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Effective ways of delivering citizenship in the classroom Finding a good format for delivering effective citizenship in the classroom can be a challenge. Jamie Elliott Citizenship co-ordinator at Deincourt School, C...

KS3/4 Citizenship – The Global Dimension

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How global issues can be integrated across the curriculum The new secondary curriculum encourages a global dimension to mainstream education. So how can concepts more familiar to Citizenship or geography be woven int...

KS3/4 Citizenship – The Bomb Factor – Nuclear Weapons

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Learning about nuclear disarmament and deterrent at KS3/4 At Hessle High School in Hull they're having a citizenship debate about nuclear disarmament and deterrence. The class are given various activities to highligh...

KS3/4 Citizenship – Anti Social Behaviour & ASBOs

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A look at the often subjective nature of anti-social behaviour Anti-social behaviour is a notoriously difficult subject to teach. In this programme David Coulson-Lowe, a teacher at Caldew School in Cumbria, takes...

KS3/4 Citizenship – Dan’s ASBO

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How and why does a young person receive an ASBO? A programme for use in the classroom with students. Find out what an ASBO is, what sort of behaviour makes it likely you'll get one, and what its impact is from some...

KS3/4 Citizenship – Engaging with Democracy

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A look at pupil engagement in political ideas Young people are increasingly failing to vote and, it appears, are disenchanted with governments, but does that mean that they are uncaring or unpoliticised cit...

KS3/4 Citizenship: Human Rights and Wrongs

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A look at the benefits of a whole-school approach to citizenship At Mill Chase Community School in Hampshire, the benefits of a whole-school approach to citizenship are apparent. Older students are involved in teac...

KS3/4 Citizenship – Crime and Punishment: Trial

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Enhancing citizenship teaching with a mock court trial Citizenship Coordinator Sue Cornwell from Wetherby High School leads a team of pupils through the regional final stage of the national Mock Court Trial Competi...

KS3/4 Citizenship – Crime and Punishment: Prison

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Using the prison service to support citizenship teaching Clifton School are enhancing their citizenship curriculum by working with outside organisations that use their real-life knowledge and expertise to provide an ...

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