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Who’s in Charge?

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Peter Curran discovers who controls schools in mid-west USA In the land of the free who controls schools? Peter Curran travels across the Midwest to investigate, meeting the communities who are fighting for influence...

Profiting from School

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A look at relationships between business and education in the USA In the spiritual home of capitalism, what role does business play in schools? Peter Curran stops off in Las Vegas and Los Angeles to find out, as he c...

Land of Opportunity?

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What is being done to tackle educational inequalities in the USA? Is the American dream in danger? Peter Curran travels from New York to Washington DC to discover what is being done to tackle educational inequalities...

Gender in the USA – Esperanza, School of Hope

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School and community working together against gender stereotyping The children of Lawrence, Massachusetts in the USA are in an education crisis. Only 41 percent finish high school and teenage girls are statistically ...

Gender in the USA – Collins Middle School, Salem

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Teachers debate gender issues in the US education system At Collins Middle School in Salem, Massachusetts, nearly six hundred 11 to 14-year-old pupils study in the strictly co-educational classes prescribed by Title ...

Unearthing the Pen – The Struggle for Education in Karamoja

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A unique struggle for education in Uganda's Karamoja region Find out how, after a troubled history, the Karamoja region of north eastern Uganda is finally embracing education for its young people. Karamoja has alway...

Learning from Europe (Gunilla Dahlberg)

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Educators discuss how EYFS is approached in Europe Shot at the European Early Childhood Research Association Conference, EECERA 2010, we feature Prof. Dr. Gunilla Dahlberg, responsible for early years policy in Swede...

The Swedish Model – A Lesson in School Choice

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Insights into Swedish education and if it could work in England Freedom for anyone to set up a school, get state funding to run it, and try and turn a profit as well. This, simply put, is the supply side model for ed...

Sweden – Early Years

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Find out why Sweden's Early Years education is so successful What is the secret of the success of Sweden's approach to nursery education? That's the question this half hour programme seeks to answer. On the face of i...

Return to Nablus – Exam Time

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The two Palestinian schools face exam pressure We return to the two Palestinian schools as the end-of-year exam season gets underway. Straight away there is tension between Daes Abu Kishik, headteacher of King Talal ...

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