Catching up with South Farnham

Monitoring one primary school’s move towards becoming an academy South Farnham School headteacher Andrew Carter talks about the process of becoming an academy and explain that it?s been a stop start affair. The latest delay has them awaiting a decision from a local infants school, who are considering merging with them. Sue Shoveller, deputy head talks about how the LA have been helping them to clarify what would happen if they do go out as an academy. She points out that the LA’s buyback financial arrangement are under threat if school’s leave their care. Phil Austen-Jones, assistant headteacher is thinking about VAT, maternity, buildings insurance and personnel issues. South Farnham is an early adopter so their governing body is looking at all the details before agreeing to academy status. Andrew introduces us to his school bursar? the key member of his academy planning team. Claire Booth talks about the importance of having systems in place from the start, so that the school’s budget can deliver as much as possible for the children.

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