Cardboard School Room

Recycling resources at Westborough Primary School The Cardboard Building at Westborough Primary School in Westcliff took 4 years to build and is Europe’s first building made from exclusively recycled cardboard materials.

The walls, roof and supporting beams are all made from recycled cardboard, itself developed from materials that the school had collected. All the furniture within the building is made from old materials recycled or re-used. Even the garden has been designed from sustainable resources such as old chimney pots, railway sleepers and cockle shells from the nearby beach.

This programme looks at the Westborough School, the revolutionary design of the Cardboard Building and follows the continuing sustainable development work in the construction of the playground.

It also reveals how the development of a world-wide recognised work of architecture has been used as a teaching aid to support the children’s learning and inspire the pupils to follow careers in design and architecture.

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