Carbon Footprints in India

A school in India tries to reduce its carbon footprint This programme showcases a student video from Springdales School in Delhi, where the students have been measuring carbon footprints and taking action to reduce global warming in their school. School principal Ameeta Wattal says, ‘Education is power and all power should be used for service’. In keeping with this ethos, the students are reducing their carbon footprint. Senior students teach the juniors how to measure carbon footprints and to reduce emissions through everyday choices and behaviour. They are affecting the way the school operates, and hope that their video will take the message to schools across India and to their cluster of partner schools in the UK, so that they too can make a difference.

Consultant Adrienne Jones is joined by Ameeta and teachers Nidhi Tewari and Pramada Lele to discuss the project. Nidhi’s computer lab seemed to have the greatest carbon footprint in the school, so the students went to the principal for action.

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