Business and Economics

Introducing the concept of the product cycle to Year 9 pupils A Year 9 GSCE Business and Economics class at Haydon School in Hillingdon is introduced to the concept of the product cycle, and explore how it applies to some familiar consumer items. This programme shows a complete lesson, uninterrupted and unedited – a resource technically difficult for schools to capture for themselves. It is intended to help develop classroom observation skills.

The teacher introduces the video and tells us about the class we’re going to see, explains the objectives for the lesson, and sets it in context – whether introducing a topic, building on previous work, or revision. The lesson runs for its natural length and the picture is split between views from two cameras, one following the teacher and the other showing the whole room. After the lesson, we have the teacher’s immediate reaction to how things went, the extent to which the initial objectives were met, and where they will go next with the topic.

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