Building Schools for the Future

State-of-the-art facilities planned for secondary schools Building Schools for the Future is the multi-billion pound scheme to provide state of the art educational facilities to all secondary school children. Mukund Patel from the DfES explains the concept behind BSF and the huge opportunity it offers secondary education. We visit two different BSF schools: Smiths Woods Secondary School in Chemsley Wood, the first BSF School due to open, and Whitefield Fishponds Community School in Bristol, some of whose pupils are involved with the Sorrell Foundations ‘Joined up Designs for Schools’ project.
BSF, however, is not without its critics. This programme will examine difficulties designers face in predicting how learning environments will change in the future; the lack of staff and pupil participation in the design process, and the concerns from some over the increased involvement of public sector finance in the education system.

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