A visual journey into the world of bugs, for KS2 science Micro-organisms or, as we have called them, bugs, are also known as germs and bacteria and can be harmful or beneficial. In this programme we delve into the world of bugs. Bug Ballet shows microbes under a powerful microscope dancing across the screen. It’s a Bug’s Life shows, through animation and live action, the consequences of a child not washing his hands after using the toilet. Yoghurt Live! proves that not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, in yoghurt production, they are essential. Using animation, we investigate the microscopic science of making yoghurt. A Trip to the Dentist shows, through a microscope, just how many bacteria we have in our mouths and how brushing our teeth prevents decay. Where Does all the Poo Go? is a question answered by visiting a sewage works, showing what happens after we have flushed the toilet and how bacteria help clean the sewage.

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