Black Boys

Three schools’ responses to the issues facing black students Statistics confirm that boys from African Caribbean heritage start school at average academic levels but begin to fall behind from Year 2. The gap widens through secondary school and only 30% of black boys achieve 5 good GCSEs compared to the national average of 54%. Three schools in London are addressing the problem is different ways. Colvestone Primary in Hackney gets to grips with disaffection early and teaches basic but crucial behavioural skills to help black boys keep focussed. Mike Vance, Caribbean Achievement Consultant, outlines some of the issues within the black community which prevent their boys from realising their full potential. At Copland Secondary in Wembley a large number of good black teachers provides effective role models. Strategies have also been put in place to encourage parental involvement. At Forest Hill Secondary all black boys benefit from time on their own as a group in which they can develop their learning, thinking and communication skills.

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