Being Heard

What do pupils really think about their lessons? At Hanham High School in Bristol, Headteacher Peggy Farrington is keen to engage pupils in their learning and has encouraged the School Council to come up with ways to get pupils to give feedback on lessons. This has resulted in a questionnaire that pupils fill in following a lesson and then give to the teacher. The idea is to explore ways that lessons are taught and how pupils learn best – and the Year 11s have made a video about it focusing on teacher Lucy Croft.

How have the pupils responded – are they polite and constructive? How has Lucy Croft dealt with the challenge of addressing their concerns? What have the benefits been for staff and pupils? In the discussion, consultant Adrienne Jones is joined by Peggy and other staff to answer these questions. It seems that the experiment is a success and will be extended, but is it reasonable to allow pupil voice to encroach on performance management?

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