Balancing Rights

Cherie Booth advises two primary teachers on fairness and rights For students and teachers alike International Human Rights values are perhaps easy to relate to. Translating those values into a more gritty understanding of how the law implements Human Rights has been cited as particularly difficult to teach. We have brought together a group of six teachers across the key stages who want to develop a fuller understanding of Human Rights and UK Law. We invited Cherie Booth QC, an expert in Human Rights litigation, to work with our teachers to expand their legal literacy and knowledge of rights and legal processes.

Through grappling with some of the core concepts we follow the teachers as they develop and put into practice lessons for KS2 pupils using Cherie as their legal expert in and out of the classroom. In this film Craig and Elaine, the year 5 & 6 teachers from St Albans Primary School in central London translate their new-found understanding of Human Rights concepts into lessons on fairness and the balancing of rights.

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