Back on Track – KS3 English

Exploring the reasons and remedies for underachievement A major piece of qualitative research commissioned by the DCSF in 2006 asked KS2 and 3 pupils who were not achieving their potential, what they thought was holding them back.

In this programme we look at what the research revealed about those pupils who are at risk of not converting a Level 4 in English at KS2 into a Level 5 at the end of KS3.

Little Ilford School took part in the DCSF research and, with high levels of English as an additional language, literacy has a very high priority throughout the school. Slow-moving pupils are identified early on in the Key Stage and targeted with a range of interventions. Planning, punctuation and reading for understanding in small groups and one to one sessions are delivered by experienced staff as soon as pupils enter KS3. Headteacher Yvonne Powell is keen to look at two whole levels of progress for pupils of all abilities, not just her slow-movers.

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