Anyone for Yoga?

Diane Elithorn shares the benefits of yoga with her pupils Dianne Elithorn at Lowercroft Primary is mad about yoga and, since qualifying to teach it to children, has introduced it throughout the school. She believes it’s a non-judgemental, non-competitive exercise that all pupils can do to aid posture, co-ordination and balance, strengthen muscles, release anxiety and help relaxation. Yoga offers a constructive outlet for anger and aggression. It improves concentration and self-esteem, and can help pupils come to terms with emotional difficulties, all of which aid learning.

Dianne works with Janine Hurley from YoYogis, who does yoga through story-telling. A lot of traditional yoga poses are based on animals, and Janine uses these to weave a story together, in the process getting children active and stimulating their imaginations.

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