Angles: Pirate’s Lost Treasure

Pirate Kate uses geometry to find buried treasure, for KS2 maths This video clip features a maths problem on angles. It is ideal for use as a lesson starter in KS2 maths.

The problem: Pirate Kate is desperate to find her treasure but she has lost her treasure map! All she has left are the instructions she wrote down to help her find her way to the treasure from Dead Man’s Rock. The directions relate to angles on her compass. Every angle starts with her facing North at 0 degrees:

o Start at Dead Man’s Rock, facing North at 00.
o Turn 900 and walk forward 10m.
o From 00, turn 1800 and walk forward 5m.
o From 00, turn 2700 and walk forward 5m.
o From 00, turn 3600 and walk forward until you cross your original path. X marks the spot!

The challenge for pupils is: Using the pirate’s instructions, draw a map to help the pirate to find the buried treasure.

See the accompanying teachers’ notes for suggested extension activities.

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