Anger Management

Techniques for teaching assistants to manage pupils’ anger Valerie Vassell and Jackie Roberts are teaching assistants (TAs) who want to learn techniques to help them manage their pupils’ anger. They work one-to-one with learning mentor Sarah Harris. Together they examine strategies that can be adapted for TAs to use in large-group situations.

Three areas of anger management are discussed, these being recognising physical symptoms, establishing boundaries and developing coping strategies.

Sarah works with an individual pupil, focussing on the physical aspects of anger. Valerie and Jackie then get a small group of pupils to recognise their physical anger and draw out their feelings.

The TAs watch Sarah working with a boy on establishing rules to govern anger. Valerie and Jackie then discuss the rules they would like to follow.

Sarah also coaches a boy on strategies for being angry without breaking the rules. Valerie and Jackie’s group use role-play to investigate situations and discuss appropriate responses.

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