Alternative Methods of Recording

Dyslexic students are taught techniques to record their learning At St Luke?s school in Swindon, they have come up with creative ways for pupils to show they have understood their learning, by recording their learning in a style other than the written word.

In this lesson, pupils, supported by teacher Luke Wareham retell the gunpowder plot to show their learning. Rather than writing, 3 groups are shown different techniques to record their understanding. One groups uses drama, another creates audio files and a third group makes a stop-frame animation. Teacher Luke Wareham plays to the strengths of his pupils and finally puts the story together in one presentation. This method ensures pupils can focus, that they enjoy their learning and that they are active in learning. Expert in dyslexia, University of Oxford Professor John Stein explains why this active element, otherwise known as a mutli-senory approach to learning, helps dyslexics retain information more efficiently.

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