Action! Pupil Video – Falling Off a Cliff

Pupils at Shelthorpe primary get to rate their teacher In Shelthorpe Primary School in Loughborough they pride themselves on valuing pupil voice. Now they have gone a step further by allowing pupils to video lessons and tell teachers what they think of their teaching.

The pupils in AST Lou Harrison’s Year 4 class have devised a set of criteria to assess her performance. They have recorded lessons using a video camera and filled in feedback sheets – giving her a Green for ‘well done’, Amber for ‘room for improvement’ and a Red for ‘poor’. The pupils have filmed the whole process from deciding on the criteria to discussing with Lou how she has done. The resulting pupil video is a unique experiment in pupil voice.

Lou describes how this felt like leaping off a cliff with no way of knowing what the landing would be like. Fortunately the experience turned out to be exhilarating and, during the discussion with colleagues and the head led by consultant Adrienne Jones, it seems that this is an experiment that may spread across the school.

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