A Unique Child

Experts debate how best to nurture children during EYFS This programme examines how some practitioners are interpreting one of the themes and commitments in the new EYFS document: to produce ‘A Unique Child’. The discussion is chaired by Prof. Chris Pascal, Director of Research at the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC). Her panel members will be familiar to viewers of ‘EYFS Today’ and includes teachers and teaching assistants.

They discuss the implications of the new EYFS starting at birth, and watch and discuss clips from programmes in the series. Two mums of African heritage dance for the assembled multi-heritage parents and children. This leads to discussion on inclusive practice. And we see children using real gloss paint in addition to building a shelter. The discussion is around how EYFS should encourage measured risk taking. The panel discusses children’s emotional and social awareness, and how to put in place an environment that nurtures the unique nature of every child.

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