A Taste of the Sea

A Year 9 Class learns about oceanography on a voyage across sea What can we learn from the mud at the bottom of the oceans? Year 9 pupils from Sandown High School on the Isle of Wight are hooked, as they discover oceanography on board the research vessel Callista.

They find out that Planet Earth is really Planet Ocean, as the crew explain that the oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, and hold over nine-tenths of the planet’s water. The oceans contain clues to our history, and our future, but many remain undiscovered.

The trip is run by the Discover Oceanography programme team from Southampton University’s National Oceanography Centre, and aims to bring marine science to life in a hands-on way for children and adults alike.

It includes learning about the impact of light penetration on the creatures who live beneath water level, examining the boat’s daily catch of fish, squid and plants, and using the hi-tech equipment on board, seeing the tiny creatures which live in the mud on the sea bed, and nourish oceanic food chains.

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