A Love of Languages

How one teacher has transformed language teaching at his school As winner of the Secondary Teacher of the Year Award it is obvious that Mike Ullmann has that something extra. Since the early nineties Mike has been instrumental in turning Hockerill Anglo European Language College around from a struggling school to a showcase institution at the forefront of language teaching in the UK. It is now the only state boarding school in the UK to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Through regular video conferencing and over seventy school trips abroad each year the children have real confidence in foreign languages, and Mike’s creation of the Bilingual Centre means that many other subjects are now taught through a foreign language. Hockerill also has a worldwide network of partner schools and an impressive range of exchanges, including work experience for pupils abroad. We see how one teacher, working with colleagues, can make a difference to the life of a school and its pupils.

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