A Box for the UK

The school in India opens its box from Britain The Brilliant Box Project is captured on camera by teachers from the Apeejay school in New Delhi. Their video explores how primary-age children in India can learn about the UK through exchanging a box of objects with a school in Manchester. The video starts with the children discussing family values and describing objects representing these values. They place them in a box to send to the UK. Meanwhile in Stamford Park Junior School in Manchester, a Year 4 class does the same thing and sends its box to Apeejay. The video closes with the Indian children excitedly opening the UK box and wondering what the objects mean.

Consultant Adrienne Jones discusses the project with the teachers at Apeejay, and with their principal, to discover what they have learned. We see the reaction of the Indian children as they watch the video of the Stamford Park children opening their box. They like to see how the objects are received and feel that, despite their differences, ‘they are the same inside’.

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