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Teach or Cheat

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Responding to dilemmas posed by league tables Ted Wragg directs teachers and managers using role play to provide solutions to challenging problems. Led by Professor Ted Wragg, our panel of educational experts explore...

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Springboard Maths

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A scheme designed to support KS2 children with numeracy problems We follow a teaching assistant at the Prince Albert School in Birmingham using a range of support methods with a small withdrawal group of Year 5 stude...

KS1/2 Drama – A Workshop with Cecily O’Neill

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An expert drama teacher offers practical tips for teachers Dr. Cecily O'Neill, an internationally-renowned expert on the use of drama in education, runs a workshop with Year 4 children, holds a discussion group with ...

Attendance and Punctuality: Carrots and Sticks

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Using the carrot and stick approach to improve attendance When Jill Hislop arrived at Haywood school in Nottingham as the new head teacher, attendance and punctuality were poor and many children felt school was not f...

Outward Bound

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A group of students experience a week of outdoor activities A mixed-age group from Rhodesway School in inner-city Bradford spends a week at the Outward Bound Centre at Ullswater in the Lake District. The Outward Bou...

Monitoring Early Progress

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Discover various assessment methods at three Early Years centres Clapham Manor Children's Centre understands the importance of assessing the children to ensure that they are developing and progressing to their full p...

Storytelling: Miserly Farmer

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A Punjabi story for KS1 creative writing and storytelling This Punjabi story offers the first couple of minutes of a traditional story performed with shadow puppets. The story sets up the basic plot, introduces the m...

KS2 Science – Making Shadows

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KS2 science ideas using shadowgraph theatre to explain light A little shadowgraph theatre provides a good way to show how shadows are formed by blocking a light source. The light source in this instance is a simple a...

Numeracy: Decimals and Rotational Symmetry

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Using ICT to teach abstract concepts in numeracy ICT can be a really useful tool for helping pupils develop mental images of abstract topics in numeracy, as primary maths consultant Darren Ellsum tells us in introduc...

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CPD Package – Early Reading – Module D1 (Clip from C/3368/001)

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CPD Package - Early Reading - Module D1 (Clip from C/3368/001)

The Third Age> 10-14

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How a new scheme works for three teenagers not attending school This programme is the third in the 'Four Ages of Every Child' series that looks at the implementation of the 'Every Child Matters' reform agenda across ...

Primary Assessment – APP

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A teacher is moderated on the APP assessments Exam-based assessments indicate a pupil's abilities at single point in time. In a bid to provide teachers with a broader picture of pupils' abilities, the QCA has launche...

KS2 MFL – Role-play Games

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Role-play games help pupils learn French greetings at KS2

Promoting Your School

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A look at the pros and cons of working proactively with the media A primary school with its own press officer? A secondary which encourages the press to talk to its pupils? Find out the pros and cons of this sort ...

Personalising Progress

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Staff from two schools road-test the DfES Stickman model Can the DCSF's 'stickman' model of looking at cohort data actually help schools deal with under-attainment and personalised learning? Find out as Headteachers...

Applying a Systematic Phonics Scheme

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A phonics programme for EAL children at primary school Hill Mead Primary School in Brixton has developed its own programme of phonics based on ?Letters and Sounds?. In the first of two videos we see how they have dev...

The Bloodhound SSC Project – Engineering the Physics

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An insight into the British Bloodhound engineering team Building a car to break the world land speed record attempt has brought enormous challenges to the British Bloodhound engineering team. They've had to go back t...

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Primary Gifted and Talented – Classroom Practice

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Helping gifted and talented pupils reach their full potential Gifted pupils are those with a particular or potential ability in one or more academic subjects, while the term talented is used for pupils with an aptitu...

Emma Penzer

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Jo Owen helps Emma Penzer determine if she is ready for headship In this programme, Jo Owen visits an experienced deputy head to find out if she has the skills and the motivation to take on headship. Emma Penzer, Dep...


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An insight into the effects of extreme bullying on one teenager Not every school will have experience of violent bullying, but this shocking account by a 15-year-old boy demonstrates how far bullying can go if left u...


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How differences in appearance can trigger bullying episodes Bullying can affect children at any age, but the transition from primary to secondary school is a particularly delicate one. Bullied is a series of assemb...


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How differences in appearance can trigger bullying episodes Bullying can affect children at any age, but the transition from primary to secondary school is a particularly delicate one. Bullied is a series of assembl...