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Teach or Cheat

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Responding to dilemmas posed by league tables Ted Wragg directs teachers and managers using role play to provide solutions to challenging problems. Led by Professor Ted Wragg, our panel of educational experts explore...

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Springboard Maths

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A scheme designed to support KS2 children with numeracy problems We follow a teaching assistant at the Prince Albert School in Birmingham using a range of support methods with a small withdrawal group of Year 5 stude...

Attendance and Punctuality: Rewarding Attendance

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How the Karrot Rewards scheme improves attendance in Southwark The Karrot Rewards scheme was set up in 2001 after a police report said that truanting kids in Southwark, London felt bored, unappreciated and saw school...


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Jonny Heeley gives gifted Year 10 pupils a masterclass in probability This programme is set in a TV studio. Maths teacher Jonny Heeley inspires a group of year 10 students from several London schools with an active ...

Action Research

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Case studies on use of action research in primary and secondary The notion of teachers as researchers is by no means a new one. More and more schools are engaging in Action Research as part of their School Improvemen...

Monitoring Early Progress

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Discover various assessment methods at three Early Years centres Clapham Manor Children's Centre understands the importance of assessing the children to ensure that they are developing and progressing to their full p...

Foundations of Global Morality with Mary Warnock

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Baroness Warnock examines the need for a global morality In this public lecture at the RSA, Baroness Warnock makes an extensive, carefully constructed case for the need for a global morality that extends beyond natio...

Attendance and Punctuality: Carrots and Sticks

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Using the carrot and stick approach to improve attendance When Jill Hislop arrived at Haywood school in Nottingham as the new head teacher, attendance and punctuality were poor and many children felt school was not f...

Global Citizenship: Assessment Toolkit, Ethnic Masks, Global Links Website

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Global citizenship classroom resources are reviewed Secondary teachers evaluate recommended teaching resources for Global Citizenship: a school linking site, a toolkit to assess impact on students, and a set of ethni...

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Barcelona’s Big Church

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Eleven mathematic sequences filmed around Gaudi's church in Spain Eleven short sequences shot in and around Gaudi's yet to be completed La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Each item looks at a different aspect of mathem...

Secondary MFL – Tackling Transition

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The impact of primary language lessons on secondary teaching With the massively increased emphasis on teaching languages at primary level, secondary teachers are encountering a wide range of prior knowledge and exper...

The Fiddler and the Go-Karter

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Teachers who have amazing out-of-school hobbies Andrew McGarva balances his role as the Co-Conductor of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra with teaching music at the Wellington School in Ayrshire. He also plays the fiddle...

Working with Families – Dealing with Family Breakdown

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Helping teachers cope with the issues of family breakdown When parents split-up, teachers often have to deal with serious challenges from pupils and parents. A panel of educators explore how teachers can deal with so...

City Challenges

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Bradford schools tackle community cohesion internationally This programme looks at how a cluster of schools in Bradford has addressed community cohesion through links with schools in Peshawar, Pakistan. During the th...

Hothousing Gifted Pupils

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How much pressure should be put on a bright student to achieve? This reconstruction, based on a real case study, shows how the student is excelling at maths, but becomes reclusive and socially isolated. The head of m...

Visual Impairment in Mainstream – Anna’s World

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A day in Anna's school life and those that provide support Wadhurst Primary has faced the challenge of incorporating Anna, a severely visually impaired pupil, into their school. A day in the life of 8 year old Anna g...

Interactive Behaviour Simulation The Strategy

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Interactive Behaviour Simulation The Strategy

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An insight into the effects of extreme bullying on one teenager Not every school will have experience of violent bullying, but this shocking account by a 15-year-old boy demonstrates how far bullying can go if left u...


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How differences in appearance can trigger bullying episodes Bullying can affect children at any age, but the transition from primary to secondary school is a particularly delicate one. Bullied is a series of assemb...


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How differences in appearance can trigger bullying episodes Bullying can affect children at any age, but the transition from primary to secondary school is a particularly delicate one. Bullied is a series of assembl...


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A teenager shares his experience of homophobic bullying Bullying affects almost every school. Homophobic language is commonplace in schools across Britain. Bullied is a series of assembly starters for secondary and p...

Disability Equality – Dealing with Bullying

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Tackling the problem of pupils with disabilities being bullied Any pupil could be picked on by a bully but the chances of being targeted are much greater for those with disabilities. According to a survey conducted ...